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Addingham’s  Environment

Village Environmental walks

One of the best ways to appreciate and learn more about the natural environment is to walk in the countryside. Addingham like many villages in England has an extensive network of public footpaths many of them established in medieval times.  In the early 1990s Alison Armstrong designed a series of “Country Walks around Addingham” published by the Civic Society as a small booklet in 1992 and revised in 1998.  Copies of the 1998 edition are still available from the Civic Society.  Almost 20 years later the village Environment Group is now revising the walks in the booklet and is adding new walks.  The walks all begin and end in the village and extend throughout and, in some cases, well beyond the parish. Each walk will include an Ordnance Survey map showing the route and contain text pointing out features of environmental interest.

The walks as follows with those currently available in green. Note that these are formatted to be printed, on A4 paper, double-sided to form a booklet:

Walk 1 - Highfield, Lob Wood & Riverside

Walk 2 - Beamsley Beacon, Bolton Abbey & Riverside

Walk 3 - Nesfield, Middleton & Dales Way

Walk 4 - Netherwood House, Heber's Ghyll & Moor Edge

Walk 5 - Moorside & Millstones

Walk 6 - Marchup & High Laithe

Walk 7 - Round Dikes & Counter Hill

The Group is also planning a series of very short village-based walks designed to take no more than one hour that highlight both points of natural and built environment interest.  Some of these closely follow walks originally designed by Arnold Pacey.

Short Walk 1 – The Sailor and the South Field

Short Walk 2 – The Swan and Manor Garth