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Addingham’s  Environment

Addingham’s Natural Environment

The Daniel Palmer Nature Reserve

at Marchup Ghyll, Silsden Road, Addingham

This village reserve was developed from a Victorian rubbish dump by the efforts of the late Councillor Daniel (Dan or Danny) Palmer, on behalf of the Addingham Parish Council, which owns the site.

The following slide show shows the early years of the nature reserve, starting with the site being dug over by bottle-collector Simon Haigh (with the agreement of the Parish Council) to remove the old bottles from the ash remaining from the original rubbish. Mr Haigh then contoured the land prior to it being sealed with a thick layer of new soil.

The site was then planted with 1500 young trees (supplied by Bradford Forest) during a working party (including many school children) on a very wet afternoon in November 2003 and formally opened, on the June 6 2004, by Dr (Lt Col.) C P L Davidson RAMC to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the D Day landings at Normandy, where Dr Davidson was present.

Originally called the Marchup Ghyll Nature Reserve, it was re-named in honour of Cllr Palmer following his untimely death.

The Early Years of the Reserve

Nature Reserve Plant List: