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We are producing a new collection of walks around the village, based on the old booklet by Alison Armstrong for the Civic Society. Click Here to see and download those published so far.

Posted 21 May 2017

Litter Pick, April 29th 2017

The village litter-pick took place on Saturday 29th April.  It involved members of the Environment Group together with 14 Scouts and four Beavers.  On May 8th all the Scouts helped to sort the litter into different kinds (plastic bottles, tin cans, cardboard etc).  The results were presented at the Environment Day in the Memorial Hall on the 13th May.

Scout Alex Squires, who carried out a computer analysis of the findings, used the microphone to explain:

 “A few weeks ago, the Addingham Scout Group took part in a community litter pick around Addingham.  We were divided into small groups and dispersed in different directions around the village.  Clad in high-vis vests, oversized gloves and armed with litter pickers, our challenge was to forage and scavenge for all pieces of discarded waste we could find.  We met back at the Memorial Hall after filling around a dozen bags and boxes which last week we emptied onto the floor of the scout hut.  The debris collected ranged from bricks and antique bottles to piles of plastic bags and mountains of cigarette butts.  We found different types of rubbish in different areas; some that were newly deposited and some that had obviously been there for a hundred years.

Although the job was messy, smelly and sometimes a bit dangerous, all the scouts were happy and proud to help the village.”

More pictures to follow

Posted 6 April 2017

Posted 5 April 2017

Addingham Vocal Days: Opera Favourites

A Concert  at ADDINGHAM METHODIST CHURCH with all proceeds to the Environment Group

Tickets £4.00 from Hilary Thomas (phone 01943 831062

Saturday May 6 2017:3.00-3.45pm

Posted 5 April 2017

 Civic Society Village Litter Pick.

April 29 2017 - Meet at Memorial Hall at 10.00

Posted 4 April 2017

Pollinator Friendly ‘Place’

Bradford Council’s InCommunities Environmental Services team, in conjunction with the Garden Friends, are planting a ‘meandering river’ of pollinator-friendly plants on the green in front of the Cockshott Place bungalows opposite Townhead.

This follows their planting in Ilkley and should be attractive, and good for the environment. Similar mixtures were used in the Olympic Park and were greatly admired.

Posted 2 April 2017

Environment Group at Spring Fayre

The group had a fine display at the Civic Society’s Spring Fayre on 1 April.

Rick set up a display showing what the group is all about and Don Porritt brought along his three dimensional model of the village which really shows the lay of the land.

Posted 13 Feb 2017

Working in the Rain

Environment Group and Garden Friends members helped at a very wet working party at the Danny Palmer Nature Reserve on Silsden Road.

The main job was to clear the invasive brambles which were smothering other plants.

Some of us were reminded of the day in November 2003 when many helpers, including school-children, spent an equally wet morning planting the young trees to start the nature reserve development. Photo below:

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