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The Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Up-Date (April 29th 2017)

Bradford Local Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan has to conform to Bradford Council’s Local Plan for the District.  As reported previously, Bradford’s Plan was put “on hold” by Government Planning Minister Gavin Barwell, following an intervention by Shipley MP Phillip Davies, who was concerned at the scale of housing proposed and the projected loss of green-belt land.  The holding direction has recently been lifted, meaning that Bradford can proceed to formally adopt the Plan.  The Planning Minister did stress that green-belt boundaries must only be altered in “exceptional circumstances”.  It will be very important to engage with Bradford Council on further work, particularly site allocations and any review of the green-belt.

Neighbourhood Plan

Following two recent “workshop sessions” with the Planning Consultants assisting with the NP, the Forum has prepared a list of criteria and scoring system for assessing potential housing sites in the village.  A method of assessing greenspace areas has also been drawn up.  Subject to Parish Council approval, hopefully in May, survey work using these methodologies will begin – no mean task!  It is intended that the information will be published on the NP section of the Parish Council website.  The Forum is also developing work programmes for the other plan topics (conservation/heritage, business, traffic etc) which will involve survey work and public consultation over the coming months.

Two Civic Society members, Ken Birch and Richard Walton, have recently joined the Forum.  Ken has agreed to lead on co-ordinating Publicity and Communications work, while Richard will be focussing on Traffic and Transport.  Both are extremely welcome!

Further information on the Neighbourhood Plan, current work and future proposals, will be available at the Village Environment Day on 13 May, organised by the Society’s Environment Group HERE.